The spring function is an alternative to tweened that often works better for values that are frequently changing.

In this example we have two stores — one representing the circle's coordinates, and one representing its size. Let's convert them to springs:

	import { spring } from 'svelte/motion';

	let coords = spring({ x: 50, y: 50 });
	let size = spring(10);

Both springs have default stiffness and damping values, which control the spring's, well... springiness. We can specify our own initial values:

let coords = spring({ x: 50, y: 50 }, {
	stiffness: 0.1,
	damping: 0.25

Waggle your mouse around, and try dragging the sliders to get a feel for how they affect the spring's behaviour. Notice that you can adjust the values while the spring is still in motion.

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